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tv   Headline News  RT  June 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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coverage. of. today's top stories and a review of the week's headlines the ukrainian military and government fighters accuse each other of ignore going to clear the ceasefire as more civilian lives are lost in army attacks. billions behind in payments ukraine has its gas cut off this week making europe banksias that kiev could turn back the clock and siphon from transit pipelines. was islamic radicals edged closer to the iraqi capital reportedly capturing three more cities on their way. and israeli troops raid media offices in the west bank including our teeth seizing hard drives and destroying equipment amid a crackdown aimed at palestinian authority.
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two am in moscow or bring you to today's have top stories and a look back at the week's news it's been a week of grief and trauma for civilians in east ukraine. you know. need to. know where you're going to do what you're going to. do we. please be aware that some of the video you're about to see is graphic but the images which we've blurred out are key to explaining the situation the dead lying in the streets of kramatorsk body parts scattered about at least ten civilians killed many more wounded in tuesday's shelling residential areas left devastated with buildings in ruins and war walls riddled with holes and shattered
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glass. hunted took up most of those a lot by that unless. he slipped at least the element could be. he still untouched a mortar shell hit this family's backyard instantly killing a thirty year old mother her five year old son died a few hours later as doctors fought to save him they say they found dozens of shell fragments in his head. you know that you. know it doesn't mean being you know lucky. and you could get would be. these. and then you see it then you need you know. when is the. look you feel you see if you will. you know.
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as the air raid siren sounding over lugansk people are being forced to spend nights in bomb shelters and basements the army keeps hitting the suburbs while residents try to flee. this particular attack killed two russian journalists their video filmed by their camera man the crew's only survivor they were having you back ration of civilians from a particularly dangerous area so goodness this self defense activist raised his hand to show refugees a safe path at this moment the first mortar shell exploded and damaged his hand i journalist stayed further away at the checkpoint and i turned my head and saw that the second in the third mortar shells went off exactly where they were so there was a road between us between our journalists and me i could hear shells exploding all the time so they both had press written on their clothes but that didn't save them . thirty seven year old igor colonel yoke was laid to rest in moscow with military
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honors survived by a wife and seven year old daughter sound operator and convolution will be buried next week after further tests on his body yet arrests newgrange a heavy toll on human life and industry too has been hit hard a freight train derailed in eastern ukraine region after the tracks were blown up fourteen wagons rolled off the rails none of the crew was injured though it's not yet clear who's responsible for the attack an urgent repairs are in progress ukraine's president promised an investigation into the deaths of the russian journalists also in an attempt to ease tension in the east petro poroshenko announced a weeklong ceasefire and developed a peace plan that includes amnesty for those who agree to lay down their arms and haven't committed severe crimes the creation of a ten kilometer wide buffer zone along the russian border changes to the constitution guarantee the use of the russian language it also suggests devolving power to eastern regions and early local and parliamentary elections one of the plans top points is to guarantee safety for all sides negotiating himself those
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refusing to hold talks with leaders in the self-proclaimed republics russia says that before any such plan can work in fighting that must stop but russian president vladimir putin says that doesn't seem to be kiev's intention. there's a new unfortunately you are seeing but i want you to give a shit what it suggests coming out house and release to whom we saw the active use of artillery on the ukrainian side was a constant whether it was the army all of the armed groups of some right wing for sixty were but it is happening all military action must be stopped. latest reports say a large scale a government artillery attack has begun in the city of shots here in the levant screen these are images of an army attack carried out on saturday said to have taken place in the dinette screechy in eastern ukraine less than a kilometer from the border with russia fighting is driving many from their homes in east ukraine tens of thousands of civilians forced to leave the area most of them seeking shelter in russia a lot of refugees of left families behind as parents try to get children to safety first. it's just something.
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they did to put the ball up. but that was to really do the deal. and probably have told us. to have to listen ok let's put it to sleep the. just when you showed us those but it. made the you could. while the crisis unfolds in the east of the country the capital isn't calm either at least fifty gathered near the russian consul of the russian embassy in kiev on sunday shouting and to moscow slogans and throwing objects at police it's not the first time that's happened but a much milder protest than we saw last week when pain stones and smoke bombs were thrown at the russian embassy and a flag was torn down by radical use they can use moscow getting involved in the country's crisis. elsewhere in kiev
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a group of masked individuals clashing with police their flag suggests they belong to an ultra nationalist movement they were also seen vandalizing a branch of a russian bank. freight train derailed in eastern ukraine the deaths cregan after the track there was blown up no injuries reported not yet clear who is responsible for the attack and urged repairs are under way more on that house and as we get those details. still to come this hour turning off the tap moscow cutting off gas to ukraine after the two parties can't agree on how much kiev should pay for supply we bring you details shortly. but first fighters with the extremist islamic state in iraq and syria known as isis are sweeping through iraq as they try to carve out an islamic state there they reportedly seized vast territories of north and west iraq and are now in control of several border crossings with syria and jordan has prompted washington to send some
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three hundred military advisers to help the nation seems to be swiftly turning towards chaos isis has a reputation for brutality to the point that even al qaida has distanced itself from the group here's just one example these pictures of captive iraqi soldiers being herded together before being summarily shot isis an advance it was swift and deadly they reportedly captured three cities sunday alone this map shows you the two main routes they terrorists have chosen to get to their eventual target the capital baghdad iraqi troops have put up little resistance fleeing in the face of the extremists onslaught in some cases going off explains isis has become renowned for its brutality but also for its organization even issuing annual reports. fifteen thousand fighters ten thousand operations in iraq one thousand assassinations and all last year alone the state of iraq and syria now known more notoriously as isis has been slicing through iraq moving closer and closer to
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baghdad and they're running a slick modern p.r. campaign to even publishing an official report of their activities using computer generated graphics it paints a clear picture of the terror organization including the types and amounts of weapons they use their strategy details of operations and targets and former intelligence officers claim it produces its press releases like a giant corporation trying to create an image of a world structured disciplined and effective organization or to attract funding but their actions speak loudly too as isis fighters have almost to reach the iraqi capital killing scores of people along the way in just around seven d. while during the u.s. led invasion of the country it took the allied forces twenty two days to reach baghdad the alternate goal of isis is to create a new islamic state emerging parts of iraq and syria into one now it's believed that the movement grew out of al qaeda in iraq emerging from the cast of the two thousand and three invasion today it has fifteen thousand fighters most of whom are
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thought to be from neighboring middle eastern countries but around two thousand are believed to have come from europe including britain isis has also become known for extreme brutality including widespread beheadings and crucifixions most of its funding is traced to southeast asia particularly indonesia the country with the biggest muslim population on earth and would following the arrest of high profile jihad is there it said extremists are now turning their attention to the conflicts in iraq and syria. the jihadists extreme message has spread far beyond iraq and syria intelligence analysts estimate around three thousand foreigners have signed up with isis and the u.k. foreign secretary says four hundred of them are thought to be british political analyst chris bambery from the international socialist group thinks the isis led campaign is setting shock waves across the middle east one that they were brutalized secondly of course as well they're well used to social media and terms of projects in themselves but the fact that in addition to the view you know
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talking about the airports they know which way the executions and saying i've killed the shia dold you know that is going to backfire in terms of across the region as i say. the neighboring governments all road will be very no visible what is happening you know be very keen whatever the past the fences will be up to the maliki government to buttress the maliki government against this against isis because his goal major repercussions potentially for talking for a run and every other country in the region. more of the week's news including spain's cautious coronation as philippe the six is crowned protests across the country show how austerity has left the spaniards mulling whether the monarchy is worth keeping more news after this short break.
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thirteen minutes past the hour israeli defense forces rated r t's office in the west bank destroying equipment and confiscating record records this is part of a series of similar i.d.f. raids on media centers amid a military campaign against the palestinian authorities whom israel accuses of kidnapping three israeli students artie's policy or explains. his offices that are situated in the building of the service provider pile media in the west bank city of ramallah have been raided in that raid r.t. studio was damaged our internet signal was lost the archives of the know the dio and order material have disappeared and at the same time. has been destroyed the doors have even weren't computers and disks have been confiscated all of this has
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resulted in a conversation between us and the idea if we asked them what was all of this about now they responded initially by saying nothing the raid was against the x. the channel now we then pointed out that that was actually housed in another building to which the idea for spondon well in that case the raid was against out could stevie our follow up question then was so why have you confiscated r t arabic equipment which the i.d.f. responded that they had to since the operation targeted the whole complex now these confiscations form part of what is being called operation brothers keeper it is an operation that is intended to risk you three israeli teenagers who were kidnapped some ten days ago by him us the dip he hid of r.t. arabic has said that the i.d.f. never acts without any kind of documentation that proves that whoever it is raiding is in fact affiliated with terrorists but when he asked when there was proof that r.t. in fact was affiliated with any party that proof was very short in coming i can tell
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him no where is the intelligence that you've got to prove that r.t. was somehow or related to any political movement the i.d.f. has said that if after the examination of the disks and equipment that it has confiscated it is clear that there is no terror related content in the equipment will be returned to r.t. arabic as we saw three hundred palestinian suspects arrested in connection with the students abduction gave me a live in europe order for as early as paper hauritz the idea of separation has gone beyond its of finding the missing teens. i seeing that disappear ation went out of propulsion long time ago and you're off is there a go in your office is just an example off a very very wide scale operation which has nothing to do with the fate of this three kidnapped youngsters is israel takes advantage in
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these trying again no the first time to smash the hamas and any scene which smears hamas or looks like hamas always connected directly or indirectly was come us he's becoming a victim brute searching and confiscating it's even your own feces one of those victims after refusing to pay its energy bills for six months gives natural gas supply was turned off this week it came to this let's take a look at the facts ukraine currently owing russia in excess of four billion dollars after halting payments in november while russia wanted when it said its final deadline was to get at least half of that money ukraine's problem apparently was the price kiev happy neither with the current price nor the one offered by moscow in fact insisted on a price at a calls a market level but which would also be one of the lowest across europe kiev is demanding to pay only half of what some european nations pay even the e.u.'s called
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russia's final offer of three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters a reasonable one not so ukraine which has refused to budge we asked a number of experts what kiev is really playing for. hootenanny election miller could stand on their hands and spend what little stole the cows come home and it wouldn't change the situation and i think the negotiating tactics the ukrainian government here are simply designed to make someone crazy in moscow you appear to compromise you appeared to be reasonable and suddenly everything collapses this isn't going to help ordinary ukrainian people it's creating enormous economic instability and uncertainty a deal would have signaled a step towards normalization of relations with russia which of course is ukraine's by far the largest trading partner so really a deal within the ordinary ukrainian people's interest and i don't really understand why hasn't gone through what happens now is you know that russia makes the choice and it's not
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a choice between you know more losing more money or being the bad guy switch off the gas go to a prepaid system in some. respects much more than in this starting to do that in autumn the winter. as of this week the only gas rush is setting through ukraine's prime is that which has been bought by europe but given past experiences the e.u. was still nervous to remind you in two thousand and six half of europe was left in the cold when ukraine started siphoning gas from the pipes there was another so-called gas war three years later when ukrainian supplies were reduced started tapping the pipes again wreaking uncertainty and havoc on the economies of eastern europe especially russia promises to keep the e.u.'s gas flowing despite differences with ukraine he has ability to guarantee transit though already being in doubt a day after the gas was cut off an explosion hit a segment of the pipeline to europe this is video of the incident in ukraine's interior ministry says the explosion was likely the result of a terror attack fortunately the blast happened in a secluded area away from any population for now all fuel transit has been switched
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to reserve pipe and europe is getting its gas and coal political scientists mysterious things at the very least the explosion is a blow to the country's reputation if you look at the country the. norm or a state that's rather a kind of failed state does the control it's tearing through just on able to guarantee not only the lives of its own citizens about also all the economic safety . pipelines and that physical same skills. business going on there so this is one of the many examples of. our website a special section dedicated to the ukraine crisis with a month's worth of archives if you want to catch up or hear expert expectation for the future click on r t. spain's new king was crowned thursday philippe the six takes over from father juan carlos the first to abdicated his position but not all spaniards are celebrating
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there were anti-monarchy protests nationwide even in the capital madrid where security was heightened for the relatively low key ceremony three police officers were injured during clashes in madrid seventy. if this were arrested but released the protest mood was heightened by years of austerity and unemployment while the marquis was seen as a petrol waiting a lot of lifestyle and seems reputation battered by allegations of fraud royal watchers say the king has a new tough job on his head. one carlists was very charismatic and funny he was close to the people. is more of a function the real and this might be a problem for the more kids there are too many expectations that he's going to arrange on the. price is economic problems and his you know took. his earlier king but without a political role we do not expect. philip or actually or any of the boy's family we need to understand that that we would talk about scots.
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that has constantly denying that the spanish has been imposing all we want and now we're a majority that's only out to vote in the night of november about didn't happen that's off that's our own now. hero for some an enemy for others this week this week marks two years of voluntary limbo for weeklies had julian assange in the ecuadorian embassy in london he shows no signs of giving up and continues his fight for press freedom though the legacy of being the president conducted all. but again. the fall for the. previous president. that's what assad said during a conference call on his confinement anniversary he also called on the u.s. attorney general to drop the ongoing weaken leaks investigation or resign but despite the world why witch hunt for whistleblowers assad says he still has
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a huge army of supporters to count on his lawyer jennifer robinson says the group's founder will remain holed up in the embassy as long as there is a threat of extradition to the u.s. . unless there is some significant political will exercised by the united kingdom's leaving the united states as we said we are seeking insurance and the closure of the criminal investigation to economics in the united states the for he feels comfortable to be able to travel to sleep to answer those allegations in the meantime of course he has continued to offer though he's testimony immolation to sweden we very much like to see that investigation greste their responsibility that if they went into the heaney embassy they could be prosecuted could decide to jump the case given the strength of his evidence and we would like to see them at least investigate him progress that as an option otherwise of course he's more than willing to answer the questions and would like to see insurance that he won't be sent on once the united states that assurance is not being provided so unless and until that comes he will remain inside the ins and. they can look at some other
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stories making global headlines that make albanians clash with security forces in kosovo leaving six police and ten civilians injured violence broke out in the northern city of me treviso with several hundred albanians throwing rocks and burning cars angry at serb plans to build a so-called peace park in the city five people arrested after police by. here gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters. a fifteen year old israeli boy was killed by a syrian mortar attack in the golan heights a region in the eleven to under israeli occupation the boy killed when a car carrying civilian contractors working for the israeli defense ministry was hit at least three others including the boy's father also injured unclear whether the attack was carried out by syrian rebels or government forces but israel has responded with tank shelling into syria. next world apart looks at the islamist surge in iraq and how it managed to take everybody by surprise stay with us for that.
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some people say freedom isn't free and they're right in fact freedom may only cost the price of a bottle of water or an old t. shirt fans celebrating the recent victory of the l.a. kings noticed that they were not alone what was believed to be police traumas flying over them filming them either out of moral contempt for drones or just for the hell of it the crowd began to throw random objects and until it was brought down i think this event makes two very big points firstly a lot of the surveillance state is not that hard to stop i mean there are satellite photos being taken of us all the time and n.s.a. spying on a communications but any camera or other device been throwing distance of a brick is at the mercy of us the ninety nine percent and secondly generally if a crowd of people does something few ever get punished i mean if this drone was actually a police drone would they try to lock up the entire crowd for breaking it no they
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wouldn't and they couldn't for some reason if one person commits an act of civil disobedience they are in ford but if a crowd does that they generally get away with it so if you're going to defend your right to privacy from drones bring fifty guys with you and everything will work out just fine but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to worlds apart of the western policy on syria has been backfiring for quite some time but the rapid advance of isis militants in iraq blew a really big hole in what was already and on strategy can western governments deal
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with the radicals without hearing to some of the same tactics they learned bastid the syrians for to discuss that i'm now joined by joe shalonda is director of the university of oklahoma center for middle east studies professor landis thank you very much for being here well thank you for inviting me on oksana now the isis offense if is a very significant game changer on the ground but the question is can it really change anything in the minds of decision makers in washington and london can't force them to reconsider its some of the onda lying assumptions and perhaps even some of their objectives in syria and in iraq i believe it will already there is a lively debate in washington about whether the u.s. should start to work with iran and the policy makers and pundits in washington are separating to two camps and they're fighting bitterly about this some do not of course want the united states to begin cooperating with iran they are fearful that
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this will have a very bad effect on israel and saudi arabia others believe that counterterrorism is of the utmost importance and that iran can help the united states beat back isis and al qaeda in. the levantine region professor landis i would love to discuss that iranian angle a little bit later but before we go there there was the media's framing of the events in iraq it is very predictable they're sort of putting all the blame on the molecule government he felt to build a functioning democracy here alyan they did the sunnis and i think we can admit that some of that criticism is valid but the question is could it different person have done a better job is it fair to put all of the blame on al maliki and instead of looking somewhere else let's put it this way well a lot of this is domestic politics president obama is down the polls there are elections coming up midterm elections coming up and the republicans are very eager
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to hurt obama's reputation and to to ding the entire democratic party by saying that america has failed and american leadership has failed by allowing maliki to become more sectarian and to create this situation in which isis has found fertile ground in iraq but isn't it true that both are above and publicans and the democrats share the blame for what is happening in iraq because obviously it was the republican party president who launched the invasion of iraq back in two thousand and three but it was their democratic president who oversaw the disintegration all of theory reach also contributed to what is happening on the ground in iraq these days right yes absolutely the democrats are coming back and they're saying this entire crisis episode shows the incredible strategic blunder of president george w. bush in in attacking iraq and casting down the sunnis from the top
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a society to the bottom destroying. destroying the state of iraq which kindled this sectarian struggle and just as you said it's not clear. that any shiite ruler would have been able to assuage sunni anger sense of injustice and and fix up the situation so that there would be genuine power sharing america believes in power sharing democracy in the middle east and we've seen the russian point of view very skeptical about this they believe that the middle east is not ripe for democracy and in general russians have support supported the view that only strong men can bring order to very divided society well i think i would like to disagree with you on the characterization of the russian.


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